Wednesday, June 20, 2007

EP Expenses

From Student Doctor Network

As I was giving yet more money to the government today (I renewed my DEA) I thought it might be valuable to give everyone an idea of what sort of expenses you’ll face every year as an EP. Here goes:

•License $600 every 2 years. (I have 2 so double that)
•DEA ~$550 every 3 years.
•State pharmacy license $50/yr. Many states don’t have these. If your’s doesn’t you get a pass.
•ATLS $300 every 4 years. That’s the refresher. If you go over your 6 month grace period it’s a whole weekend and $600 for the whole course.
•ACLS varies but I have partners who have paid $200 to do an online version and avoid the class.
•PALS varies, see above.
•ACEP $550 / year.
•Hospital privileging $50 - $500 per hospital per year. Many groups pay this. Some don’t.
•CME varies. It’s easy to get free CME but some states require specific things like ethics and bioterrorism. You often get stuck paying for these. $25- $200 per class.
•LLSA $100/yr for the test.
•LLSA $80-$300/yr for the study materials. Most people I know (including me) do one that costs $225.
•ConCert exam $1625 every 10 years.


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