Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It’s All About Perspective - Pt's ED Experience

From Hallway Four, Via KevinMD

An ED patient Timeline: A stroll in their shoes and mine…

Ms W’s perspective:

0800-1200: I’m sitting in the waiting room with abdominal pain - I thought this was an “emergency” room.

1200-1240: Finally, I get a room. Where is the doctor?

1240-1247: The doctor talked to me and checked me out for about 5 minutes. She pushed on my stomach and asked me a few questions. She said something about my gallbladder and told me they needed to run some tests and that she’d be back later. Now, she’s already gone.

1330: What’s taking so long?

1420: My ultrasound is done. Where is the doctor?

1600-1605: The doctor said my gallbladder is filled with stones and infected and will need to be removed by ANOTHER doctor. This is absurd - that ER doctor didn’t even do anything for me!

Amount of time the doctor spent with me: 12 minutes.


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