Monday, May 28, 2007

EMS "Virtual Museum"

Link: EMS Virtual Museum

Welcome to the formal opening of the National EMS Museum Foundation's Virtual Museum! We have been working diligently for some months now, gathering material, researching, and (hopefully) presenting it in a format that is easy to navigate and enjoyable to see. Please.... take your time and look around. Let us know what you think!

Navigation is simple! The main entrance is a large star with points - or "wings" - modeled after the points on the original "Star of Life" Individual "wings" are represented by small stars and their points will take you to the "stacks". Once in a stack or wing, you will also find you can switch to a different location by using the right side menu. Once viewing a display, any pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them. They open in a new window, so simply close this browser window when done. Finally, at all times you will be able to return to the Virtual Museum Home Page by simply clicking on the link found on each page.


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