Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do you think hospitals generally do a good or bad job of serving their consumers?"

An interesting study, as noted in this press release, indicates some improvement in the public's perception of hospitals.

An excerpt:
Every year at this time, Harris Interactive(R) presents a cross section of U.S. adults a list of differentindustries and asks whether they are generally doing "a good job or a bad job of serving their consumers."

Hospitals now have a net score of 59 points positive (79 percent good job
minus 20 percent bad job), a 10 point improvement since last year and their
best score in all eight years of this series.

Now, the "bad" news:
In this year's survey the industry which gets the most positive and lowest negative replies is the supermarket industry. Fully 92 percent of adults think supermarkets generally do a good job and only eight percent think they do a bad job, giving them a net positive score (i.e. good job minus bad job) of 84 percentage points.

We've a ways to go...


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