Thursday, May 12, 2005

King LT Airway

I'm teaching an ACLS / PALS Instructor class in Mason City and have learned about the King LT Airway, pictured below:

It's new to me and appears to have some advantages over the Combitube and Laryngeal Mask Airway.

Here's a description of the airway:
The King LT™ is a superior, disposable supraglottic airway tool that utilizes the latest technological advances in materials and design to provide the best non-intubating airway possible. The King LT™ emergency airway is a safe, reliable, cost effective and efficient tool to provide emergency ventilation when direct laryngoscopy is not feasible or attainable. With the patented elevated ventilatory inlet, subsequent intubation can be achieved in seconds with the use of an intubation catheter and endotracheal tube. Additionally the KING LT™ is made of a pliable material that can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. The advantage of the King LT™ is that emergency ventilation can take place within seconds and without the need of a laryngoscope. Endotracheal intubation can be achieved when the time is right.

Want to learn more? Here's a web-based resource.


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