Monday, May 16, 2005

Day in the Life of an ER - Baghdad

I found this TIME article interesting for two reasons.
1. The challenges these professionals face and the resources they have available to care for their patients, and the contrast to our own, privileged, situation.
2. The fact that the reporter is on site when his colleagues are brought into the ER after a car bombing. The transition from dispassionate observer to a person with a personal stake in the survival of his friends is remarkable.

An excerpt:
To chronicle the devastating toll of the war on the daily lives of Iraqis, I spent part of last week in Bayati's ER. In the midst of my reporting, the story turned highly personal: two members of TIME's Baghdad staff became victims of a bomb blast and were rushed to Yarmouk Hospital. From that point on, I was intimately involved in nearly every decision the doctors and staff made as they struggled to keep my badly wounded colleagues alive. In the process, I experienced the anger, anxiety, frustration and sorrow that so many Iraqis must endure, often in far greater measure, on a daily basis. For every story like ours--which turned out better than we could ever have hoped--there are dozens of others at the ER that end in quiet tragedy.


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