Friday, December 16, 2005

Teen survives bizarre knife-in-head accident

From the Tooele Transcript Bulletin:

When the Scout leader tried to stop the boy's fall, the knife, which was hanging from the leader's glove, flew about 16 feet behind him.

Kevin says he saw the knife flying through the air right before it lodged in his forehead. He knew the knife was stuck in his head "because I saw and felt it."

At that point, Kevin started to hyperventilate, a situation which most definitely could have made the matter worse.

Because it was dark, the leader who first reached Kevin did not initially see the knife in the boy's forehead. But sensing that something was terribly wrong, the leader quickly laid the teen onto the grass.

"They came back and told us the knife had actually gone through our son's sinus cavity, then into his brain and lodged there," Bryan said. "We were told that surgery would be required to remove the knife. Doctors said there was no telling what would happen if they pulled the knife out of our son's head. Pulling it out could have severed a major blood vessel."


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