Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Chutes Malfunction; Skydiver Lives

From CBS News:

The saying "lucky to be alive" is anything but a cliché when it comes to Shayna Richardson.

She began skydiving when she turned 21 in May. Two months ago, in Siloam Springs, Ark., the Joplin, Mo., woman was making her 10 dive and first solo jump with a brand new parachute when things suddenly went wrong.

Her main chute and her reserve failed to open properly, and she spiraled out of control, falling thousands of feet.

It's estimated Richardson was going 50 mph at impact.

She landed face-first in a parking lot and lived to tell about it. Richardson now has 15 plates in her face for fractures after four operations. She also suffered two breaks in her pelvis, as well as a broken right fibula.

But there was one shock still to come.

Richardson learned in the emergency room that she was two-weeks pregnant and, "The baby had survived the free fall as well, survived the free fall and the 50 mile-an-hour impact, and then, on top of that, survived all four surgeries that I've been through as well."


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