Friday, December 09, 2005

Relocation of Critical Access Hospitals

From CMS:

If any CAH plans to relocate to a new location, CMS would need to determine if this would be a relocation of the current provider or a cessation of business at one location and establishment of a new business at another location. In the event of relocation, the CAH must ensure to the RO that it is functioning as essentially the same provider serving the same community in order to maintain and operate under the same provider agreement. A provider changing locations is a closure of the old facility if the original community can no longer be expected to be served at the new location. The distance moved from the old location will be considered but will not be the sole determining factor in granting the relocation of a CAH under the same provider agreement. For example, the relocation of a CAH a relatively short distance may greatly affect the community served. In other areas with vast distances between providers, a large distance may have little effect on the community served. Clearly,
mileage alone is not valid as a single criterion but it may be used if it clearly demonstrates that the provider has left the original community.


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