Saturday, December 03, 2005

Medical Device Update

Two interesting posts in MedGadget today:


Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc., an Eden Prairie, MN manufacturer, says that its ResQPOD® has been given a Class IIa recommendation by the American Heart Association in its recently released guidelines for CPR (covered by Medgadget here). Moreover, according to the company, "the ResQPOD is now more highly recommended by the AHA than any other device or drug used by emergency personnel for increasing circulation during CPR and improving resuscitation rates."

The main benefit of the device, that is placed between a ventilation source (e.g., bag-valve or demand-valve resuscitator) and an airway adjunct, it seems to us, is in its ability to selectively impede inspiratory gases from entering the lungs of patients receiving assisted ventilation during the release phase of CPR.

and the
Q-CPR is covering the latest innovation in resuscitative equipment: "a new defibrillator from Philips [that] talks paramedics through CPR and shuts up when they get it right." Philips Electronics describes its FDA cleared Q-CPR™ technology for CPR measurement and feedback (currently configurable on company's HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator)


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