Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tele-Ambulance, Part 2

I blogged about this previously, but here's a bit more detail (remote controlled cameras on the exterior!) from the Arizona Daily Star:

The days of doctors making house calls are long gone.

Virtual visits in ambulances, however, are the wave of the future, city officials said of a new system that could be operational in about six months.

Beginning next summer, video cameras mounted on top of and installed inside of Tucson Fire Department ambulances will allow University Medical Center emergency-room doctors to see live images of accident scenes and patients before they are taken to the hospital, officials said.

The set-up will be similar to a video conference call, Leyva said. Emergency room doctors will have control of the cameras with the ability to zoom in on the patient's injuries. They will also be able to speak directly to the paramedics.

In addition, UMC will be better prepared for incoming patients because doctors will have a better idea of what resources will be needed to give the best treatment possible, Capt. McDonough said.


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