Saturday, May 12, 2007

Newsweek Series on ER Crisis

Code Blue in the ER

First Article: On Life Support
It's a familiar story: America's emergency rooms are in crisis. But it's far worse than you think. How does the ER prepare for a terrorist attack when its medics can barely cope with the routine flow of mayhem on a Saturday night? A worried doctor traveled to Washington to sound the alarms.

Second Article: 'We're At Our Breaking Point'
Gunshot wounds. Blood and brain matter. Exhausted nurses, endless wait times—and no end in sight. The only thing scarier than an average Saturday evening in the ER: What if it was forced to close? One night in Atlanta.

Third Article: How to Stop the Bleeding
Emergency-room health care is in a state of emergency. What the best minds in the medical community prescribe to begin to treat the crisis.


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