Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Call Schedule at Community Hospital

A blog post from Dr. Edwin Leap: The Call Schedule at Community Hospital

An excerpt:

This weekend’s call schedule is as follows:

Surgery: Dr. Johansen is on call for general surgery. Please remember that he does not like to operate on children or the uninsured. He also considers trauma an enormous inconvenience. If you have gall-bladder patients, patients with appendicitis or patients with acute diverticulitis, you may contact him after the CT scan has been read and the patient sedated and prepped. Please remember, as Dr. Johansen says, ‘If it isn’t on the CT scan, I won’t operate on it’. Anything else that is marginally surgical should be admitted to family medicine, who may consult him after lengthy discussions by phone. Dr. Johansen is covering for Dr. Michaels and Dr. Pugh, but not Dr. Delacore, who has pissed everyone off. Dr. Delacore, incidentally, will not be available as he will be intoxicated this weekend. All of his patients should be transferred to anyone who will accept them.


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