Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Google Health Debuts This Week?

From Medgadget:

Fueled by a post by Kevin Maney at his blog at the USA Today, rumors of an impending release of Google Health are growing.

SearchEngineWatch focuses on the role of Adam Bosworth, whose title at Google is "Architect, Google Health". Bosworth wrote the old Quattro spreadsheet program, and has a bachelor's degree in History ... so it seems natural he should develop a database of medical histories.

But what about the rumors that Google Health will grade doctors and hospitals? Enroll patients in clinical trials? Diagnose your rash and suggest the right therapy? Stent your occluded coronary vessels?

If Google Health does launch this week, count on Medgadget.com to bring you the lastest analysis and opinion on this important development. We usually balance our gadget reporting with our day jobs as physicians -- but if Google Health lives up to the hype, well, we might not have our day jobs in the future...


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