Friday, May 05, 2006

"Bay Area doctor arrested trying to assist critically injured daughter"


Dr. Karl Swanson, an anesthesiologist, with experience treating patients in the emergency room rushed to the scene. His only concern: getting to his daughter and doing what he could to help.

Dr. Karl Swanson, Crash Victim’s Father:
“Because he said she was critical and things didn’t look good… I thought it meant she was dying. I kind of went into the mode of I have to save my daughter’s life.”

Swanson found his 18 year old daughter Krystyna is the back of an ambulance, but when he tried to get inside, was told he had to leave by a State Trooper and Pasco County EMT.

Dr. Karl Swanson, Crash Victim’s Father:
“As soon as I got in there he was basically telling me to get out. I was saying this is my daughter here… and trying to get him to let me stay.”

But according to the Florida Highway Patrol Dr. Swanson became combative, allegedly pushing an E-M-T and state trooper, forcing the paramedics to stop their treatment. Swanson says he never touched anyone and that the trooper was simply trying to take a blood sample to test for DUI before the eighteen year old was flown to the hospital. Dr. Swanson was later arrested, and taken to the Pasco County Jail.


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