Tuesday, February 21, 2006

WA: Compromise emerges on medical-malpractice rules

From The Olympian:

Washington’s medical-­malpractice insurance war appears to be over — for now.

Gov. Chris Gregoire stood beside members of the state’s medical, legal and malpractice insurance establishments Monday to declare a breakthrough agreement in the state’s four-year battle over medical malpractice insurance and its cost to doctors.

The compromise announced Monday includes protections for doctors so that medical personnel can apologize to victims or family members without fear that admissions of fault will be used in direct evidence in malpractice lawsuits.

The deal also includes a new requirement that malpractice insurance rate increases be reviewed by state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler before taking effect. But the compromise drops a three-strikes-you’re-out rule that trial lawyers once sought for offending doctors.


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