Saturday, February 18, 2006

Illegal Parking

From (the page featured an ad for Methodist Hospital when I viewed it, ironic, eh?):

Three parking tickets and a tow-away sticker had been placed on the sport utility vehicle in which a dead man's body was found last week.

Peoria police confirmed someone in the parking-enforcement division had issued the tickets and sticker to the SUV, which was parked illegally on Hamilton Boulevard near Methodist Medical Center.

The ticket writer did not see the body of Michael T. Hudson, a 46-year-old Decatur man reported missing Feb. 6, inside the black Mercedes.

His body was discovered in the back seat Feb. 9, when someone walked by and noticed a foot against the passenger-side, backseat window.

"A passer-by got up close enough and saw a (boot) pressed against a window and notified hospital security," Peoria police spokeswoman Ann Ruggles said. "(Hospital security) decided to wake the person up, and it wasn't working. They backed off and called police."


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