Friday, February 17, 2006

Man accused of biting off girlfriend's nose, swallowing it

From (Tulsa, OK):

A man shocks those gathered for a family meal by allegedly biting off the nose of his girlfriend.

Tulsa police say the victim, Jody Bennett, came out of a back room of a north Tulsa residence with a napkin over her face and told others that her boyfriend had bitten her nose.

Ambulance personnel who were summoned saw that Bennett's nose was bitten off where it should have been attached to her face and reportedly called the police.

Police spokesman Corporal Larry Edwards says officers looked for the nose but couldn't find it and believe he may have swallowed it.

Bennett was taken to Saint John Medical Center, where police had talked to emergency room personnel about pumping Hill's stomach in an attempt to find the nose.

Police Corporal Shane Tuell says doctors told them that would be futile because the nose is composed primarily of cartilage and soft tissue, and Hill's stomach acid would've dissolved it quickly.

Hill -- who denies the assault -- was booked into jail on complaints of aggravated assault and battery, resisting arrest and destroying evidence.


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