Friday, January 13, 2006

Vehicle crashes into hospital lobby

From the Daily Light (TX):

Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie public safety officer Ronnie Vineyard had just locked up and walked to the back of the outpatient waiting area when a vehicle drove through the doorway at about 9:10 p.m. Wednesday.

“I was helping housekeeping with some equipment and had my back to the door when I heard the loudest noise I have ever heard,” Vineyard said, saying his initial reaction was to look to the windows at his left to see what might have happened outside.

But it wasn’t outside, and as Vineyard turned back to look at what was unfolding in the waiting area, the housekeeping employee said, “Golly, he just drove in.”

And there it was, a 1998 maroon-colored Chevrolet Suburban that had burst through the revolving door and one of its two side doors, shattering glass everywhere before slamming into a wall by the receptionist’s desk.

Vineyard told police he had seen the vehicle circle the hospital a couple of times and that the driver had gotten out and checked the doors before getting back into his vehicle, Waxahachie police Lt. Billie Pendleton said.
emergency help after the male driver drove into the lobby. He said he assisted the man from his vehicle and sat him in a chair.

“The fire department, the police department and the nurses got here real quick,” Vineyard said, noting the nurses running to the area put the man into a wheelchair and immediately took him to the emergency room.

The man’s statements had indicated it was an intentional act, Vineyard said. “The guy said, ‘I made sure no one was in the way.’ He said, ‘I wanted to see the doctor.’ ”


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