Monday, January 09, 2006

Humiliation in the ER

From the Herald Tribune (FL):

When William Deloge was lying in the emergency room with a tube in his throat, a man charged with his care made a crude game of his vulnerable state.

"I felt helpless, totally humiliated," said Deloge, 49. "I could hear people laughing at what was going on. I couldn't protect myself."

The Port Charlotte man said that a hospital employee at Peace River Regional Medical Center purposely exposed Deloge's genitals to the emergency room staff at least four times in the July incident.

Deloge said that the employee repeatedly lifted his hospital gown, saying "Peek-a-boo" each time. Others laughed.

About two weeks after the incident, Deloge received a letter from the hospital, acknowledging the truth of his complaint and informing him that disciplinary action had been taken.


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