Friday, November 11, 2005

Apparel for doctors and nurses no longer limited to just white

From Taiwan Headlines

Recently, several hospital supply stores have imported Italian made medical wear, which comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. With a bit of tailoring, the outfits are really quite fashionable. Some doctors said that they would not think twice about wearing the jackets out of the hospital and onto the street.

"Did you know that Matsushima Nanako, who stars in the Japanese series "The Female Doctor in the Emergency Room" wore this exact purple jacket? I had to search and search before finding one exactly like it," said a dentist, Yang Po-ya, who works at the Talung Dental Clinic. This clinic is one of a small number in Taipei that has already begun purchasing the trendy medical outfits.

One can see jackets of all colors hanging in the clinic's changing room. In addition there are many styles of jackets worn by the doctors as well as uniforms worn by nurses. All of the workers at the clinic are allowed to wear the style or color of uniform or jacket that suits them that day.

"Since everyone is wearing something different, it is no longer like wearing a uniform," said Yang.


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