Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'll see your 30 minute guarantee and raise you 15...

From the Venice Gondolier:

Hospitals to offer faster ER service

It's no longer a race to see how fast the pizza delivery man can get to you, but how fast your local hospitals can respond when you need emergency care.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital this week introduced a new promotional campaign guaranteeing no more than a 30-minute emergency room wait before seeing a physician or a physician's assistant. The initiative begins on Nov. 20, five days after the hospital's new Emergency Care Center wing opens to patients.

Not to be outdone, Venice Regional Medical Center is responding with its Nurse First Program, which may offer a 15-minute guarantee.

"Competition is not our objective, but the need to be treated quickly is essential and we will all work in that direction," said Gwen McKenzie, chief executive officer for SMH. "Typically the ER is our front door and the right place to start.


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