Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hypothermia Treatment

From Medgadget:

Life Recovery Systems, HD, LLC, of Alexandria, LA was just issued the CE Mark of approval by the EU to market their ThermoSuit system, indicated for emergency cooling of patients to "preserve cardiac and brain function in victims of cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, traumatic brain injury and hyperthermic patients."

The ThermoSuit System uses innovative technology to rapidly cool a patient's core temperature. It consists of a disposable body suit and a means to pump coolant within the suit over the skin of the patient. It is the first device for patient temperature management that conveniently provides a thin layer of rapidly flowing liquid coolant in direct contact with the skin. This approach gives the ThermoSuit System outstanding capabilities to rapidly and non-invasively change patient temperature. It has been designed for ease of use for clinicians who treat patients indicated for cooling therapy, and has the potential to quickly cool these patients conveniently and rapidly.


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