Friday, March 16, 2007

Baby Simulator

From MedGadget:

BBC News is reporting that a computer-controlled simulator is now being used by trainee nurses at the Chatham campus of Canterbury Christ Church University. SimBaby infant simulator is a product of Laerdal Medical, a Orpington, Kent company.

Here's what the company says about the sim:

SimBaby is the portable advanced infant patient simulator for team training. SimBaby has realistic anatomy and clinical functionality that enables simulation training. SimBaby includes software with video debriefing and an interactive technologically advanced manikin allowing learners to practice the emergency treatment of infant patients.

Product features:
· Full scale infant patient simulator which allows the learner to perform relevant pediatric emergency skills and scenarios.
· Interactive manikin which gives you immediate feedback to interventions.
· Simulator utilises software generating automatic debriefing based on the event log synchronized with video pictures, which provides immediate, detailed feedback on performance to learners.
· Realistic airway system allows accurate simulation of all relevant difficult infant airway management and patient care scenarios.
· Realistic infant breathing patterns and complications bring realism to the infant simulation experience.
· IV training arm and IV/IO legs allows practise of peripheral intravenous and intraosseus therapy.


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