Friday, August 25, 2006

2005 PIAA Report on Emergency Medicine Claims

From our friends at EPIC

Highlights include:

61% of emergency physicians named in claims are under the age 45

There are a higher percentage of females named in claims than males as compared to other specialties

The average indemnity payment is $249,000

23% of claims result in indemnity payment

The most prevalent medical misadventure is diagnostic errors. Specifically, in regards to frequency it is appendicitis, MI, and then symptoms involving the abdomen or pelvis and errors in diagnosing meningitis

Meningitis claims resulted in the highest indemnity payment—with an average payment of $443,000

Missed MI’s resulted in indemnity payments 55% of the time

Other claims issues—improper procedures, procedures not performed and failure to supervise or monitor a case


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