Monday, April 24, 2006

Air Medical Scam

From JEMS:

OREM, Utah — If a stranger calls wanting your credit card number in exchange for the dispatch of a medical helicopter to help a loved one in distress — be skeptical.

Orem police are warning residents about a scam by individuals posing as operators of Life Flight, Intermountain Healthcare's medevac unit.

According to police and hospital officials, a person will call and identify themselves as an IHC employee. The caller will then say that they are calling to inform them that one of their family members has been in an accident.

The caller will then say that a credit card number is needed before the helicopter will transport the injured party to a hospital for medical treatment, said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

However, the scammers have nothing to do with IHC, said Janet Frank, a company spokeswoman.

"When (Life Flight) picks up a patient, they have nothing to do with money," Frank said. "When they're called, they pick the person up."


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