Friday, October 14, 2005

Polio in MN

From MedPage Today:

Four cases of polio virus infection have been identified in children living in a small Amish community in central Minnesota. None of the children had been immunized against polio, state health officials here reported.

"The general public is not at risk," said Minnesota Health Commissioner Dianne Mandernach.

The only people at risk for contracting polio, Mandernach said, are those who have not been immunized against polio and who come into direct contact with an infected person.

The infections occurred in three children from one family and in an infant from an unrelated family with whom they had direct contact. The source of the infection may have been a fifth person who recently received an oral form of the vaccine containing live attenuated virus. The viral strain isolated in the infections appears to be a variant of a strain used in oral vaccines overseas, the health authorities said.


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