Thursday, September 22, 2005

EMS Medical Director of the Year

From the Mount Pleasant (Iowa) News:

Dr. Linwood Miller of Mt. Pleasant was recently named as the recipient of the Richard Ferneau EMS Medical Director of the Year Award.

This honor is awarded through the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, and recognizes Dr. Miller for his leadership skills, dedication to improving the quality of emergency medical care, and innovation in system development and clinical care.

Dr. Miller began as the volunteer medical director of Henry County Health Center Emergency Medical Services over 20 years ago.

Under his medical direction, HCHC EMS has grown from a small local Basic Life Support, EMT level service, to a regional Advanced Life Support, Paramedic level system, with progressive offline medical direction that now includes critical care.

"Even while working fulltime as a family practice physician with Family Medicine of Mt. Pleasant, P.C., and as a member of HCHC's medical staff, Dr. Miller always finds the time to be a mentor, colleague, and educator," said HCHC EMS manager Jerry Johnston. "As a medical director, he is an EMS administrator's dream.

"He has allowed me the latitude to grow the system clinically and is continually supportive of thinking 'outside the box' for the betterment of patient care."
After finishing medical school and his residency, Dr. Miller began practicing medicine in Mt. Pleasant in 1981 with Dr. James Widmer. In 1990 they and four other physicians formed Family Medicine of Mt. Pleasant, P.C. which has grown to include several more physicians.


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