Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Atlanta Nurse May Have Exposed 200 Patients to TB

From Modern Physician

Northside Hospital, Atlanta, has reported that a labor and delivery nurse who worked the night shift came to the hospital June 29 with symptoms of tuberculosis, prompting hospital officials to warn all patients and staff who may have come in contact with the nurse between March 1 to June 22.

Officials at the 487-bed hospital say they are working with county and state health departments to coordinate any needed screening, detection and treatment. So far, according to a media release posted on the hospital's Web site today, there are no confirmed cases of TB linked to anyone exposed to the employee, including the employee's family members.

According to a newspaper article in today's Atlanta Constitution, about 200 former patients, including 37 newborns and their mothers, may have been exposed to the nurse.


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